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Who we are

Südwestmetall represents employers in tariff and social political issues. Being an affiliation of companies we are no ordinary provider but rather a coordinator of the common interests of organisations. Our aim is to maintain a leading position in international competition whilst ensuring economic and social benefits for qualified employees.

More than 60 years of service to the organisations

The basis of the work of Südwestmetall is the more than 60 years experience of the federation in the dealing with trade unions and works councils in the structuring of working relationships within the companies, in representing interests in the labour and social welfare courts, in providing continual information to the press and other media and arranging regular exchanges of information and experiences with all socially relevant groups.

As an employers’ federation Südwestmetall is a registered association solely representing the interests of its members and not working for fees. No other institution in Baden-Wuerttemberg can represent the socio-political and labour law related issues so extensively and competently as an employers’ federation.

Direct contact to the leading associations

As the largest of the 16 member associations, Südwestmetall belongs to Gesamtmetall – the German Employers Association of the Metal Industry.

Südwestmetall provides a personal union with the management of the state association Baden-Wuerttemberg Employers Federation, thereby ensuring a direct interface to the more than 40 employers’ federations in the state, and to the national association of German Employers’ Federations (BDA).

Through their work in the committees of the umbrella organisation, Südwestmetall represents the interests of companies within the Baden-Wuerttemberg Employers’ Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry with regard to the structuring of tariff and socio-political parameters.

Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie Baden-Württemberg e. V.

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