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What we do

Südwestmetall represents organisations concerning the topics and issues in the companies, not only trade unions, politics and administration but also in public discussions. Our core competence lies in the structuring of working conditions through labour agreements, and in supporting companies with their implementation.

Südwestmetall –
  • on behalf of the member organisations regulates labour contracts, pay, working hours, social benefits and other important conditions with the trade unions.
  • provides the member organisations with financial support in order that they can survive industrial action in the event of tariff agreements not being able to be reached amicably which leads to the trade unions calling for strike action.
  • advises the member organisation in all questions relating to remuneration, personnel management, labour and social laws, working hours and times, work structure and operational environmental protection.
  • informs the member organisations on legislation, administration and jurisdiction, nationally, at state level and with the EU.
  • leads litigation for the member organisation in the labour and social welfare courts and represents them at the labour and social welfare authorities.
  • supports the member organisations in dealings with works councils and trade unions, represents them at company arbitration committees and participates at works assemblies.
  • informs the member organisations about labour and social conditions in other countries particularly within the European Union.
  • represents the social and socio-political interests of the member organisations concerning politics, administration and jurisdiction.
  • formulates the position of the employers and represents them in a public sphere though contributions for the press, radio and television and own publications.
  • is co-publisher of the business publication “Aktiv” which informs the employees in the companies on a fortnightly basis on economic and social politics, and reports on companies within the area of the federation.
  • brings companies from the metal and electro industries together in order to exchange experiences, solve problems together and to promote solidarity.
  • campaigns for the recruitment of trainees for the metalworking, electrical and engineering professions, and assists with the training programmes.
  • trains the management and staff of the member organisations in all matters relating to personnel management, development and administration as well as labour laws.
  • The federations offers not only theoretical concepts and strategies but also models covering experience and learning, which can be transferred from actual company practice.
  • arranges socio-political and specialised training through the educational establishment “Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft”.

Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie Baden-Württemberg e. V.

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